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Birmingham conveyancing

With a population of over one million there is a considerable amount of transfer of property undertaken in Birmingham. Conveyancing generally refers to residential transfers of ownership, but can also refer to commercial transfer or leasehold agreements.

The centre of Birmingham is, like most cities, mostly occupied by commercial units, and as a result there is more commercial conveyancing than residential conveyancing. Birmingham in particular is a commercial centre and has been named the second best place in England to start a business. As a result of this there is more commercial conveyancing done in Birmingham than in most other cities.

As you move away from the central business district including the banking and the shopping districts, then you approach the more residential areas of Birmingham. Conveyancing in these areas is of the more traditional freehold residential kind. Some areas surrounding Birmingham can command higher sale prices than others; for example, Solihull is considered an affluent area as is Sutton Caulfield, whilst areas such as Ladywood and Handsworth are traditionally cheaper areas in which to buy or rent.

In Birmingham, conveyancing fees asked by a solicitor can vary enormously. It is not always the best option to instruct the solicitor offering to work for the lowest fee, or the solicitor that the estate agent recommends. However, some solicitors may be able to offer cheap conveyancing fees because they are located in cheaper premises and have less overheads.

Many solicitors will offer cheap conveyancing fees for work done remotely, so you may not actually go into the office and instead communicate with them by phone and email.

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