What civil litigation lawyers can do for you

Civil law relates to disputes between individuals (or individual legal entities, e.g. companies or local authorities). Therefore a civil lawyer specialises in cases in which the actions of an individual are alleged to have infringed their duties towards, or the rights of other individuals and a dispute arises over guilt or liability.

Civil litigation lawyers are those who act in disputes between two or more parties in which monetary compensation, or a compensatory act, is sought in resolution of the dispute. Importantly, there is no criminal charge or sanction involved in such cases.

What can a civil lawyer help me with?

Civil litigation lawyers represent their clients in court trials and tribunals, and can also be involved in mediation and arbitration procedures which attempt to resolve disputes between the litigants and the party (or parties) against whom their case is directed.

There are many types of dispute which come under the heading of civil litigation, and civil litigation lawyers therefore tend to specialise in one or two aspects of the law in this field. Common types of dispute are those involving:

  • Landlord and tenant disputes
  • Selling of defective goods
  • Defective construction
  • Liability for personal accident and injury
  • Medical negligence
  • Disputes between employer and employee
  • Bankruptcy
  • Debt recovery

In certain cases, litigation may result in criminal legal proceedings, for example if negligence is found to be criminal in intent. Civil litigation lawyers may also specialise in commercial litigation, in which companies rather than individuals are involved in a dispute.

Where will my case be heard?

Civil law cases in England and Wales are mostly heard in the County Court and High Court. A civil lawyer will often be called in to represent people or companies who believe that they are owed money and litigation can form a large proportion of many civil lawyers’ caseloads.

County courts also deal with breach of contract cases and family law (divorce, child protection, adoption). In fact, with the help of civil lawyers and/or mediators, many cases are settled before they reach court.

If the monetary value of the case falls below £10,000 then the case will be heard in the Small Claims Court. See our information page for further material on the Small Claims Track.

If you are looking for a lawyer in connection with a matter of civil litigation, Contact Law can match you with a firm who can advise or represent you.

It is advisable to check, if relevant, that your civil litigation lawyers are experienced in all levels of proceedings, from mediation and tribunals to the higher courts where such cases are often heard.

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