How to use commercial conveyancers

Commercial conveyancers are very different than their residential counterparts. Commercial conveyancers will have detailed knowledge of commercial property law which differs from residential property law in a number of ways.

With commercial property buying you will have to think about:

  • Regulations that impact on the environment
  • Local Authority by-laws that could affect how you can use commercial property
  • The tax implications of buying the property for your business

What does a commercial conveyancing solicitor do?

Commercial conveyancers will be able to handle:

  • The title deeds of the property you want to buy
  • Searches with the Land Registry
  • Contract negotiations with the seller of the property
  • The fixtures and fittings lists
  • The raft of legislation that exists if you are buying a commercial property as part of a business

Commercial conveyancing solicitors will often work alongside commercial surveying practices. In a crude assessment, surveyors are to commercial property what estate agents are to residential homes.

The crucial difference is the level of expertise available: Qualified commercial property surveyors are often degree trained, and will almost certainly be affiliated to the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, having sat a two year course of professional experience and rigorous examination.

As with any property transaction, the role of the commercial conveyancing solicitor is to ensure that the property is:

  • Correctly owned
  • Appropriately valued
  • Free from any nasty covenants or charges which might restrict commercial activities or devalue the property at a later date

They will work with the surveyors to gather appropriate information and prepare the legal documentation for the sale.

The services of commercial conveyancers can be a great advantage as they can help keep your purchase on track and deal with any unforeseen issues that arise. Contact Law can put you in touch with conveyancers that are local to your area; using local commercial conveyancers is a real advantage, as you can easily respond to any queries that may delay the purchase of your property.

Want more information? See our general guidance on commercial conveyancing.

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