Commercial litigation lawyers

Commercial litigation lawyers will have expertise in all types of commercial litigation. Commercial litigation relates to any type of dispute within the business world and the dispute may be in the UK or in a foreign jurisdiction.

If you have found yourself in the middle of a commercial dispute, call us and we will be able to help your business.

What does a commercial litigation lawyer do?

When an individual causes harm or damages to another the injured party has the option of filing a lawsuit against the other. The individual who initiates the lawsuit is referred to as the plaintiff, or claimant, and the person it is filed against is the defendant.

Once the complaint has been filed the defendant will need to file a response to it. For the required legal knowledge the plaintiff should take the assistance of a litigation lawyer.

Commercial litigation involves the handling of disputes arising between businesses. It is in these situations that you, as the plaintiff, will require the assistance of a professional commercial litigation lawyer.

Commercial litigation lawyers will deal with issues like:

  • Commercial disputes
  • Professional negligence
  • Banking transactions
  • Mergers and acquisitions

They may also have to deal with fraud cases and employment disputes. Commercial litigation lawyers will attempt to resolve the dispute in question outside court; however, most cases eventually end up being solved through the courts.

Commercial litigation lawyers tend to be more comfortable with working in courtrooms compared to tax lawyers. This is because most cases they handle are related to personal injury etc. which are often handled within courtrooms.

The litigation process

Commercial litigation law firms understand alternative dispute resolution such as negotiation, mediation and arbitration and are able to utilise them to achieve the most desirable result for their client.

However, if a resolution proves impossible and court proceedings become necessary, commercial litigation law firms will have lawyers with experience in advancing such disputes to:

  • The High Court
  • County Court
  • Specialist tribunals

Many of the lawyers have excellent advocacy skills and where possible, they may be able to represent you themselves without the need to separately instruct a barrister.

This is a tool which helps commercial litigation law firms to deliver their services quickly and efficiently and at a reasonable cost.

Commercial litigation law firms are not merely concerned with the letter of the law. They have lawyers with expertise in the very industry to which your claim relates. In this way, they can strike to the heart of your dispute, fully understand your objectives, and argue the merits of your dispute.

The next steps

Commercial litigation law can be very complex and should you find yourself involved in a commercial dispute, it is essential that legal advice is sought at the earliest possible opportunity.

Commercial law firms have revealed from proven experience that addressing and managing commercial disputes earlier reduces escalation of the dispute and is more likely to lead to an environment where a satisfactory, early and commercial resolution can be achieved.

For further general information on the types of dispute commercial litigation covers, see our page on commercial litigation.

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