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Conveyancing in Brighton

In Brighton, conveyancing is mixed between residential and commercial property. Brighton has a strong tourist industry, a strong business conference industry, a strong retail industry and a reasonably strong financial industry. Brighton’s proximity to London, whilst being on the coast, makes it a massively popular area and house prices here reflect this.

In Brighton, conveyancing happening in the centre of the city is largely commercial with conveyancing on the outskirts being mostly residential. Despite this, there are still a number of residential properties on the seafront and above shops in the shopping district and this allows for more of a mixture of commercial and residential conveyancing firms throughout the area.

If you are purchasing property in Brighton, conveyancing solicitors should be properly considered to ensure you instruct the correct firm. Most estate agents will have an arrangement with a firm of solicitors which means that the estate agent refers all their clients to one firm and that firm pays them a fee for each client referred. You should be aware that an arrangement like this is likely to be in place and if you want to ensure that you have the correct solicitor for you, you should approach other solicitors and find out who will do the most thorough job for you, for the best price. Contact Law is able to offer different firms that have already been used and recommended.

Often, local knowledge can make an enormous difference to the smooth running of a property transaction. In Brighton, conveyancing solicitors will be able to tell you which properties should be checked for certain problems, for example the need to pay money to a church, whereas a solicitor from outside may not know unless there is a clue in the name of the property. For this reason it is often better to instruct a local solicitor.  

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