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Conveyancing solicitors in Bristol

Bristol is a city which has been subject to much recent development, particularly commercially. The city has recently moved its city centre and increased its capacity for retail massively, even luring the likes of Harvey Nichols to open a store in the newly developed shopping precinct. This change in location of the central retail district has led to much work for commercial conveyancing solicitors.

Bristol has seen many retailers not only drawn to the new shopping area from other cities, but drawn away from other areas of the city, freeing up lets which are then occupied by other retailers.

In Bristol, conveyancing solicitors will have certain searches to do on property, both commercially and residentially, that ensure that the purchaser is aware of what they are buying. As an example of this, Bristol has a number of churches and properties could be subject to a chancel charge on the property to contribute to the upkeep of the church.

Failure to undertake the relevant search to discover the existence of this could result in liability for the conveyancing solicitors. Bristol also has a number of underground tunnels in and around the docks and some searches and enquiries should be made to discover if there is any chance of subsidence.

Bristol, like many parts of England, has affluent and poor areas. St Pauls, although very close to the city centre, is known for its crime and low-income residents. Interestingly, house prices are still relatively high in St Pauls as many developers see potential for the area in the future.  Using a conveyancing solicitor local to Bristol is incredibly important.

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