Divorce and legal advice

If you are thinking about divorcing your husband of wife then you may want to consider gaining some legal advice. Divorce can be a difficult and stressful process, and a divorce solicitor can help your situation by guiding you through the process of petitioning for a divorce and can quickly resolve any issues that occur during that process.  

How do you apply for a divorce?

To get a divorce it is necessary to make an application for a court order called a decree nisi, followed by a decree absolute. This is often relatively straightforward but can become complicated.
Your partner might contest the divorce or it could be unclear whether you meet the eligibility requirements. A divorce solicitor will guide you through the process and apply their experience and expertise to any problems that arise.
You and your former partner may need to resolve issues relating to:
  • The division of finances
  • Child custody
These matters are normally settled through negotiation rather than through the courts.
Divorce solicitors are highly experienced in such negotiations and, based on their experience, can propose practical long-term solutions. They can advise you what the likely outcome would be if you had to go to court in the event of not coming to an agreement with your partner.
A divorce has many legal implications which you might not become aware of for many years. For example, it can affect:
  • Your pension
  • Your will
  • Your insurance
A solicitor will provide comprehensive advice on the full legal impact of your divorce to help you avoid unpleasant surprises years down the line. Contact Law can put you in touch with divorce solicitors in your area for a confidential discussion.

Why do you need to take legal advice?

It is equally important that you gain legal advice for divorce from the beginning. The law on divorce is often complex, with many avenues available. This is especially the case when property and children are involved. A divorce solicitor will be able to explain the law and provide you with a range of options to suit your needs in a way that you can understand. 
Our divorce solicitors have been used and recommended for providing quality legal advice and we can swiftly direct you to a local solicitor to suit your particular divorce needs.
A question our solicitors are frequently asked is whether appearance at court is required in petitioning for divorce. If your spouse does not contest to the grounds for divorce then you may not need to go to court. However, you may need to attend court in the following instances:
  • The divorce petition is contested
  • You and your spouse do not agree on a financial settlement
  • You and your spouse do not agree on arrangements for your children
Advice is essential from a financial point of view. It is a myth that all assets are automatically divided on a 50-50 basis. Your solicitor can give you more information about how the assets in your marriage should be handled and ultimately divided. And if your divorce comes before a judge, divorce law advice from your solicitor on how to handle your court appearance is vitally important to the successful outcome of your case.
Want to know more about how to get a divorce? See our general information page on divorce.
If you are considering divorce or separation, Contact Law can recommend family law specialist solicitors in your area who have expertise in the process of divorce and can advise you on any questions you may have. Please call us on 0800 1777 162 or complete the web-form above.
Important information

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