Divorce lawyers

A Divorce lawyer is a lawyer or solicitor who practises specifically in the area of divorce law. If you are thinking about divorce and would like to obtain some information about the process and what to expect, then you should consider gaining advice from a divorce lawyer.

What can a divorce lawyer help me with?

Below are some examples of issues relating to divorce, to which a divorce law firm can provide practical advice:

  • Grounds for divorce: On what grounds you can petition for a divorce
  • Costs: What a divorce typically costs
  • Timescale: How long it takes to get a divorce and resolve problems relating to marital finance, property and children
  • Children: Problems arising in relation to your children during a divorce, including contact and residence orders
  • Ancillary relief: This may be resolving a financial concern you may have following divorce, whether this relates to property division or maintenance for you or your child
  • Pre-nuptial agreements: Whether a pre-nup is enforceable during divorce proceedings
  • Calderbank letters: To protect you from paying the costs of going to court to dispute the financial side of a divorce
  • Pensions: How pensions are affected or dealt with following a divorce
  • Property: How property is dealt with following a divorce
  • DIY divorces: What the pitfalls are and whether they are practicable
  • Legal Aid: Whether legal aid can be granted and what effect it might have on divorce proceedings
  • Overseas divorces: How to get a divorce in England whilst living overseas and whether you need to be physically present during the divorce proceedings
  • Changing surnames: What you need to do to change your surname following a divorce
  • Men & Divorce: Specific concerns of men during the divorce process and how the legal system treats men during a divorce proceeding


As you can see, getting advice about divorce does not stop at advice on getting the divorce itself. The most common requirement from a divorce lawyer is to provide advice on ancillary matters such as child custody or financial settlements.

In divorce, the matter of child custody is first brought to the court’s attention when a ‘statement of arrangements for children’ form is filed at court along with the divorce petition.

Every couple whether child custody is disputed or not is required to complete this form as part of the divorce process.

When the court receives a statement of arrangements form it will send a copy to the respondent.

  • If the couple are in agreement on where their child should live following divorce then the respondent will sign the form to state that they agree and the form is returned to court
  • If the couple do not agree then the respondent is able to complete their own statement of arrangements form, stating what they would like to happen regarding custody
  • If a couple still do not agree, then either of the couple may apply to court for a child custody order

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