Education lawyers and how they can help

Education lawyers are lawyers who specialise in the legal aspects of education law. They also work to prevent the exclusion of children from schools, they deal with appeals against decisions by schools and make other applications and appeals on behalf of children.

Education lawyers also assist with the educational rights of children with special educational needs, including advising on assessment of needs, provision for needs and children’s rights to financial provision in education because of special educational needs.

Education lawyers deal with all levels of education from nursery to university, including independent schools and state schools.

School exclusions

In the event, for example, that your child is excluded from school, you should think about instructing an education lawyer from the outset.

Your solicitor will help you to appeal against your child’s exclusion and will assist in making representations to the discipline committee if this is what is required.

You should be aware that procedures and processes differ between local authorities and between independent schools.

A local education lawyer will be able to inform you of the procedures in the area that you live. It is usual that if your child has been excluded, or has failed to be admitted, there will be an appeal panel to which you can make representations.

You should be aware that appeal deadlines in exclusion cases can be very short and your failure to appeal in the time limit can result in you losing your right to appeal.

If the exclusion is not permanent, then you should be aware that the school will probably have a duty to provide your child with work and to mark that work. An education lawyer can give you more information on this issue.

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