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There is an incredible array of topics which can be written about from a legal perspective, and new decisions and legislation affect us on a daily basis. As such, we created this section so that we could offer you frequently updated information articles on topical areas of law.

The areas of law we write about here span the whole spectrum of law – one day it could be an article about stamp duty because it is being raised or lowered, the next it could be an article about a precedent being set in the High Court. Whatever the topic, it will make interesting reading.

We have broken down our categories into the following, available from the links on the right hand side:

  • Opinion and general interest
  • Infographics and interactive content
  • General legal news
  • You are the Judge

You are the judge is our latest creation. We take a scenario which could happen any day, and we ask you to comment on what you think the outcome will be. Does the law reflect what's fair? Our latest one is one a difficult situation with a rent dispute.

On an individual basis, the small business health check is another favourite. It is a selection of core questions about your business which will give you a summation of how legally sound your business is. Do you have proper IP protection? Are your contracts up to date?

Depending on your answers we will make suggestions as to how to improve the legal basis of your business, and give you some general legal knowledge which hopefully you will find useful.

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