How to get compensation for an industrial accident

Employers have a duty towards their employees to provide a safe place of work and safe working conditions. They must take reasonable care of their employees’ health and wellbeing. Health and safety training must be provided and maintained, and there must be safety procedures in place. Equipment should be regularly inspected and faulty machinery should be repaired as soon as possible. If an employer fails in their duty to provide a safe work place and an employee is injured in an industrial accident as a result, they may face an accident compensation claim being made against them.

Industrial accidents can occur in a warehouse, factory, or on a construction site. They can occur in both heavy and light industries. Some examples of the injuries caused by industrial accidents are: 

  • Chemical injuries
  • Electric shocks
  • Vibration White Finger
  • Asbestos-related illnesses
  • Crush injuries as a result of being hit by an object
  • Industrial deafness

If you have been involved in an industrial accident and suffered an injury as a result, there are certain government benefits you can claim. Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefits can be claimed if you are ill or disabled because of an accident at work.

However, you are also entitled to make an compensation claim against your employer if the accident was not your fault. There are benefits to making a compensation claim for an injury sustained during an industrial accident. The compensation awarded can account for any financial loss suffered as a result of the accident, for example loss of earnings and medical expenses. In some instances, the court will also grant an award for the pain and suffering experienced because of an injury resulting from an industrial accident. In addition, an accident compensation claim will force the employer to be more health and safety conscious in the future, and may lead to the end of an unsafe practice or procedure.

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