How to use city lawyers

The ‘City’ in London is often referred to as the Square Mile and is the base for the UK’s financial industries. Within the City you will find the London Stock Exchange, Lloyd’s of London and the Bank of England. As these financial services have developed, city lawyers have also been attracted to the Square Mile where they provide specialist financial advice for the businesses based in London’s financial centre.

City lawyers can also be barristers as the term ‘lawyer’ and ‘barrister’ is often used interchangeably. What this means in practice is that your business will usually have to use city lawyers after locating a solicitor to help with your case, as usually, you cannot approach a barrister directly. Many city lawyers group together to form chambers that exist in the Square Mile and offer specialist financial legal services to the business within the City.

It is important to understand the legal standing of city lawyers or barristers. The solicitor that you engage that Contact Law has put you in touch with can represent you. If you are in negotiations with another business in the City, your solicitor can legally represent you. However, the barristers that are city lawyers can’t directly represent you unless they have ‘licensed access’. This is why your solicitor will normally give your barrister their instructions after consulting with you.

The city lawyers that you decide to use should be fully qualified and also members of the Bar Standards Board, which is a division of the General Council of the Bar. You should check the credentials of any city lawyers you want to use, but the fact they are trading in the City should indicate they are fully accredited to the Bar.

If you need highly specialised legal advice, city lawyers are available within the City to assist you. Contact Law can put you in touch with qualified solicitors within the Square Mile that you can easily contact. They will have city lawyers they can recommend to help with every aspect of your case.

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