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Intellectual property (IP) is created when an idea takes a tangible form that is capable of protection, such as an invention or design, a brand, logo or product name. IP rights can be very valuable to a business, particularly when that right is centrally integrated in your main business concept or product. IP rights may take the form of:

How does intellectual property law protect material?

  • Trademark – A trademark is a symbol that differentiates a product or service from its competitors. The symbol can be composed of words or pictures, or both
  • Copyright – The symbol ‘©’ indicates that the work in question is protected by copyright. Copyright is automatically granted to the creator of original work and protects it from being copied or used in other work without permission
  • Patents – A patent is a licence granted to an inventor. It protects their original invention from being used, made or sold by anyone else for a limited period of twenty years
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