International litigation

International litigation has the potential to be the most complicated type of litigation as it occurs when two litigants are situated in different parts of the world. It is often the case that two parties with a contractual agreement will stipulate in the contract what jurisdiction any litigation will occur in if there is a dispute. Without an express clause in the contract it can be difficult to know where a case should be heard and litigants will often want the case to be heard in the country in which they are based to save expense.

With international litigation it is crucial that the correct firm is instructed. Research firms thoroughly to check the jurisdictions where they have previous experience. Also check that they have people that speak the requisite languages at the firm, as employing interpreters and translators can add thousands of pounds onto your bill.

International litigation commonly occurs between businesses in different countries. It has become increasingly common over recent years for manufacturing to be done in eastern countries and as a result international litigation has become more prevalent. In order to avoid litigation concerning where a dispute should be heard, it is important that you include a clause in your contract that stipulates the jurisdiction in which disputes will be heard. If your contract has been drafted by a solicitor and they have failed to include such a clause, you may have a claim for negligence against them.

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