Litigation and small businesses

The litigation process is a lengthy and time consuming one. The different phases involved in it may vary based on the facts and complexities of the case. Litigation can not only take place in civil, criminal and family cases, but also within business relationships. When a commercial or business relationship begins to have disputes one party may file a lawsuit against another on the basis of damages or injury received.

The process of filing a lawsuit and taking it through the court proceedings is called litigation, and in cases where small businesses are in question the process is referred to as small business litigation.

Small business litigation can be initiated as a result of many issues which need to be evaluated and resolved. Litigation is initiated by the claimant against the defendant. With regards to small business litigation this claimant may be either a small business or an individual, and the same is true of the defendant (as long as a small business is on either side). Hence, small business litigation may take place between two businesses or between a business and an individual.

The dispute under scrutiny could range from a small contract to a multinational one, either of which requires professional legal guidance. Litigation lawyers are readily available but it is a better option to choose one who specialises in the field related to your case, in this instance specifically a business litigation solicitor.

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