Making a claim for an accident at work

There are many situations in which you may suffer an accident, and the workplace is no exception. If you have been injured at work, you may well be able to make a personal-injury claim for compensation. Recent cases involving accident-at-work claims have included awards of £350,000 for a worker who injured a leg at work and £175,000 for a man who suffered hand injuries in a machine. It is therefore vital that if you would like to make a claim for an accident at work you obtain advice from a specialist personal-injury solicitor.

Of course, the level of compensation alters enormously according to the severity of the injury, and it must be stressed that compensation is only awarded in an attempt to redress the imbalance of being injured in the first place – it is not designed to reward the claimant.

In order to receive compensation you need to show that the injury suffered was caused as a result of your employer’s negligence. This is something that can be extremely time consuming and convoluted. The facts of each claim will be different, and although some are settled in a number of months other accident claims can take years.

All employers have a responsibility to protect their employees, and this may range from keeping the workplace in a safe and tidy condition without any hazards to ensuring that employees have the correct tools to carry out the required work.

There are detailed time limits in place to make any claim for an accident at work, and therefore you should speak to a specialist personal-injury lawyer who will be in a position to discuss the process of making a claim, as well as providing you with further information about the different levels of compensation to which you may be entitled.

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