When can aviation lawyers help you?

Aviation lawyers specialise in laws to do with airspace, airports and aircraft.

This encompasses many different types of law, as businesses in the aviation industry are generally multi-faceted with various legal issues. Lawyers in this field can advise on industry-specific matters, such as aeronautical leases and licenses and assist with the interpretation of the very technical rules that require careful interpretation.

They will also advise on general business and commercial law for business-related issues.

International law

Aviation lawyers are well-versed in European and international law. They will generally also be familiar with aviation laws in many other countries. In many cases they will have multi-lingual practices, either speaking additional languages themselves or making use of translation services.

This enables them to assist with cross-border disputes requiring delicate negotiation, and to advise on important contractual negotiations. For more information on these subjects, visit our international law page.

Aviation lawyers typically work for private airlines, airports or government bodies, however aviation law will also be relevant to smaller businesses and individuals with disputes over matters involving air-travel.

These will often involve a variety of disciplines including contract law, tort, international trade and regulatory matters. Lawyers who practice in this field will therefore often have a great breadth of expertise or work as a member of a large team.

If you have had a dispute as a consumer over your dealings with a private airline, an aviation lawyer may be able to advise you. This will usually require expertise in consumer law and insurance matters, as well as more specialist knowledge.

As aviation law is a very niche area of law, aviation lawyers can be expensive. You should always speak to your lawyer about the estimated costs of their assistance.

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