When might you be involved with Government lawyers?

The Government employs many hundreds of lawyers across many different departments. Generally they perform administrative functions such as conveying property, checking regulatory compliance, or at more senior levels, making sure the Government is not doing something unconstitutional.

Judges might also be considered to all be Government lawyers, although they must always conduct themselves independently from the administration. With the exception of the judiciary however, unless you work within the Government, you are unlikely to be involved with their lawyers.

Instances of opposing state lawyers

There are three main exceptions to this:

  • If you find yourself accused of a crime, the case will probably be brought by lawyers from the Crown Prosecution Service
  • If you intend to challenge a Government decision by way of judicial review, the Government may well use its own lawyers to defend itself, especially at the early stages of the case
  • If you become involved with organisations such as Social Services, the UK Borders Agency or HM Revenue and Customs, which often use their own internal specialists to bring cases

Lawyers working for the Government will often be specially trained in their field and may well be more formidable than many independent practitioners. However, they also often conduct a very heavy workload and may well be dealing with several cases at once.

For this reason, whilst their judgement can generally be trusted, they can also be frustrating to deal with. If you need to do so, it is important that you take advice on how to ensure your case is prioritised.

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